Welcome to the world…



On October 10th 2017, my life took on a whole new meaning as I became a mother for the first time. Little Theodore made his long awaited debut in style after keeping us waiting for 8 whole days past my due date!  The days, weeks and months that followed seemed to whizz by in a flash and somewhere along the line, my tiny newborn blossomed into a healthy 14 week old baby!

It’s not been an easy initiation into motherhood (is it ever!?) but hopefully the dreaded colicky evenings seem to be a thing of the past which means I get to spend some time with my husband and enjoy some wine! It also means I have time to pick my blog back up again after neglecting it for the past year for various reasons.

I started TKBS blog to allow me to indulge in my unhealthy obsession with all things beauty related but that was before I had a tiny human to grow and look after. I still plan on writing about beauty but I’m also going to share with you my experiences of pregnancy and motherhood (and hope to hear about yours too). It was about this time last year that I first found out I was pregnant so that seems a good place to start. Keep an eye out for my post to follow on the first trimester…ah the nauseous feelings come flooding back just thinking about it!

Happy New Year!

Sophie x


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