The not so amazing face….


I managed to pick up an amazing Emma Hardie set in the January sales which included the vitamin C intense daily serum  and the vitamin C face cream. Having previously used the balm I was super excited to start using these products!

I apply a serum twice a day and normally like to wear it under my makeup with a moisturiser for my day to day face. Unfortunately the Emma Hardie serum does not seem to like being applied with other products! From the very first time I used it I could tell it was going to cause me problems. Despite using a moisturiser on top, my foundation would just not sit well. Instead it would congeal and clump together giving a really attractive patchy finish. I couldn’t find anything to improve the finish to the point I’ve had to restrict it’s use to night time only. I’m also not a bit fan of the smell and it can feel a little bit tacky when first applied but I think that’s a common find with Vitamin C products.

Moving on to the moisturiser. When I first took the lid off, my eyes lit up as it revealed a gorgeous thick cream which looked really hydrating. I applied it over the serum. It wasn’t the easiest to apply, I can only describe it like when you rub soap into your hands without adding water. And again it felt quite tacky at first. When it did eventually absorb in, my skin felt quite tight like there was a residue on top. Not quite what I was hoping for! I think I will be saving this for night time use only too.

I was a little bit dissapointed to say the least but just glad I didn’t pay full whack for the products. Having looked at reviews on other websites, it seems to be a common complaint regarding the serum in particular.

I’m keen to learn more about green beauty and organic skin care products. I have some Pai and May Lindstorm products which I will move on to next and report back!

What were your thoughts on the Emma Hardie products mentioned?

Love Sophie







2 Replies to “The not so amazing face….”

  1. I brought the serum, I only use it at night for the same reason. I also asked for a sample of the moisturiser so I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Too tacky like you explained. I felt sticky all day. It’s such a shame as I love her cleansing balm. Not one for me either I’m afraid xx

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