Dry January

So as well as being a self confessed beauty addict, I may also be a little bit of a hoarder; two things which do not go well together. Even I now admit space is becoming a problem in my dressing room aka glorified cupboard. I always like to keep the boxes that perfume/beauty sets come in as they are normally good sturdy boxes, perfect for keeping even more products in!

Cut to dozens of boxes stuffed in shelves with a vague idea of what’s in what (but I usually get it wrong and have to go through them all anyway). The reason why I’ve ended up like this…I probably have too much stuff. Hence why i’m imposing dry January on myself. No i’m not cutting alcohol out, something far worse, I’m banning myself from buying any more beauty related products.

Instead of having multiple serums on the go for example, I’m going to try and stick to one and use it all up, then move on to the next. I also really struggle with travel size products! I so want to keep them for travel but then in reality how often do I travel!? So I start to use them then change my mind and think I must save them…and so it goes on. I used some as little table presents over Christmas which went down well. I’m also terrible at getting rid of empties (what is wrong with me!?)

I basically need to get better at using what I have and appreciating it. So I’ve decided to rationalise my skin care routine and try and stick to it for the next month. I’ve selected one moisturiser, cleanser, serum and night cream to use. They are all products I’m using currently but some of them I opened nearly a year a go so I need to use them up soon!

Here’s what I’m going to be using:

  1. Ceramic Slip cleanser – Sunday Riley. I originally bought this for my husband but getting him to actually use it proved too much. It’s ok, not quite what I was expecting and I probably would’t buy it again.
  2. Ultra Facial Cream – Kiehl’s. Good moisturiser especially with this cold weather!
  3. Advance night repair – Estee Lauder. One of my favourite serums.
  4. Pixi Glow Tonic. Another cult beauty product. I wasn’t blown away with it’s effects personally but I’m going to use it religiously over the next month and see how my skin reacts.
  5. Dragon’s blood hyaluronic night cream – Rodial. I got this for Christmas and so far I am enjoying using it. It does feel hydrating and has a lovely creamy texture to it.IMG_9263.JPG

So that’s my challenge over the next month. I’m actually quite keen to use some of them up so I can open my new Emma Hardie products that I have waiting in the wings! Have you set your self a challenge for the new year? Let me know.

Love Sophie



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