My husband who is big into self improvement tells me that it’s good to physically write goals down at the start of the year (he’s practising yoga on our bedroom floor as I type – one of his goals for 2017). So with this in mind, we ventured out to a cosy pub today to write them together. It lasted 5 minutes. I soon became irritated by his grand ideas when I knew in reality I would never be able to achieve them. For example, eating fish twice a week. I HATE fish. He knows it too but that doesn’t stop him trying to shove his cod in my mouth at lunch today (I said ‘cod’).

Like a lot of you I’m sure, I feel that my life is being dominated by my work at the moment which makes even little tasks like cooking dinner seem like a big deal. Bad habits have become the norm and I ended 2016 barely squeezing into a black jumpsuit, with a muffin top to boot. This is not who I am!

2017 is not about finding the new me…it’s about getting the old me back! Here’s how I plan on being happy and healthy in 2017;

  1. Lights out by 22:30 (surviving on 6 hours sleep is killing me)
  2. Make lunch the night before (no slapping peanut butter between 2 slices of bread as I’m rushing out the door anymore)
  3. Exercise at least twice a week including Run Like a Girl and Parkrun.
  4. Make time for hobbies (playing guitar and practising my new love, calligraphy)
  5. Always take my makeup off before bed
  6. Rely on dry shampoo less or get hair chopped off so it’s not such an effort to wash it!
  7. Write a blog post at least every 2 weeks (wish I could write more but #lifeasajuniordoctor gets in the way!)
  8. Drink more water
  9. See family and friends more
  10. Do what makes me happy, life is short…and on that note, gain a level 7 certificate in aesthetic medicine and see what happens!

I’ve already failed number 1. Ah. Must get to bed!

Happy New Year to you all! Have you got any goals? Lets encourage each other.

Love Sophie



7 Replies to “Goals”

  1. Perfect – there is a long familia tradition where we write them down and storage in a letter and read them out again at the next New Year and that process repeats itself again and again- it will give you a sense of achievement but also reminds you how incredible human we all are ๐Ÿ˜‰ after all if u achieve one thing out of your list that a auccess.

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  2. Great blog, deffinatley got me and my husband thinking too! Mine also is to take my make up off before bed! Skin feels so much better when I do! I’ve been using the maringa balm by Emma hardie, love the stuff xxx


  3. I know I was slightly jealous when you got your hands on some! It’s deffinatley up there with my favourites.

    I’ve also been using ‘this works’ pillow spray, it’s amazing I’ve had such a solid sleep since I’ve been using it, might help you nod off ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the bed time bath soak too but yet to try.



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