Project save Filmstar Bronze and Glow!

During my holiday in July, something awful happened…my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow ended up on the floor and smashed into tiny pieces!  (You can ask my husband how that happened – we’re just about talking again). I love this palette, it’s so easy to use and *was* part of my daily makeup routine for work. I bought it in the run up to my wedding over 2 years ago and still had plenty of use left in it despite wearing it all the time! Really worth the £49 it cost to buy it.

I had heard of the ‘alcohol trick’ and set about researching it which involved watching lots of videos online. A lot of them were american and they talked about using rubbing alcohol which I believe is not easy to get hold of in the UK. Apparently the trick works best with an alcohol concentration of at least 70% or above. I read that it is possible to use surgical spirit instead which I easily picked up from my local Boots store for a couple of pounds.

What do you need?


1.Surgical spirit ( or rubbing alcohol). Only a very small amount is required.

2. Cling film

3. Something to crush the powder with (I used the end of my Mac eye shadow brush)

4. A dropper (I used the pipette from an empty bottle of Estée Lauder serum)

5. A spoon

Step 1:


Cover your palette with cling film and proceed to mashup the remaining pieces into a fine powder until it looks like this :


Step 2:

Using your dropper, sprinkle a few drops at a time of surgical spirit onto the crushed powder until it starts to melt together. It doesn’t need to be completely saturated but damp enough to allow you to press it together so that it holds.


Step 3:

Using the back of spoon, apply a small amount of pressure as you smooth over the powder, pressing it back together as you go. Allow to dry out for a couple of hours before using it.


Here’s the final result! Yes it may have a slight smell that makes you feel like you’re at the dentist but at least it’s usable again! Success!

Have any of you tried it!?

Love Sophie x


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