Skinesis Overnight Facial

I’ve been putting off writing this review for ages but alas I can do it no more. I bought Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial as part of the ‘Facial-in-a-box’ set which I purchased from Space N.K. for £62. You may remember in my previous review of Skin Insurance, Overnight Facial was the next product I wanted to try from the brand having seen people like Sienna Miller RAVE about it! To say I was excited would be an understatement.

First Impressions


The set itself comes in a very nice looking box, with a full size bottle of Overnight Facial, 3 x 5ml bottles of various skin boosters and a 15ml bottle of Ultimate cleanse. I liked that the Overnight Facial was contained in a secure bottle that required no lid. I would quite happily travel with this in a wash bag, knowing that there would be no leaks!

As with other Sarah Chapman products, Overnight Facial has quite a potent botanical smell and contains a mixture of vitamins, peptides, omega oils, skin brighteners, jasmine and rose. On the bottle it describes it as a serum-oil but I would definitely say this is more on the oily side. I was a little surprised about this as I was expecting it to be more of a cream based product, like some kinda of plant food supplement which would nourish my skin overnight.


I would say 1-2 pumps is plenty for one application. I always applied it over a serum as I can find face oils can actually be quite drying for the skin. So this is where I struggled with the product…I really really wanted to love it but I just found it too oily for me. My skincare regime is the last thing I do before bed.This meant I was hitting the hay with what felt like a really oily face and I just couldn’t relax in bed as I was paranoid about getting the product on my pillows (I’m odd like that). I experimented with various other products and found that if used in conjunction with the Sarah Chapman Age repair serum (which I love) it felt slightly less oily. I can’t say it made a noticeable difference to my skin in the way other products have, even with the use of the skin boosters.

I’m sure this is a wonder product for a lot of people out there but for me, it’s taught me to stop buying face oils, I just don’t like them – and they make my hair greasy too (anyone else found that?). I had a friend who said the same thing about Aurelia Night Oil, guess they aren’t for everyone! I’m still a big fan of this brand though but will stick to their serums and creams in future!


Sophie x




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