Travel size superstars

It’s always tricky, going away for just a night or 2 with regards to packing. My weekend bag is on the small side so I often leave it unzipped with its contents spilling out to allow more room for cramming! The same goes for my make up bag. I only take the essentials, ideally in travel size but if not, I will decant them into smaller pots I have accumulated over time! To help save on space I also really simplify my skin care routine when I’m away; cleanser, moisturiser and serum (never seen the point of toners). Below are 3 skincare items I took away with me this weekend which I think are great!


IMG_2025 (2).JPG

I had to buy this as an emergency face wash when I realised I had forgotten mine on a previous trip away. I like it because it’s really great for when you’re feeling lazy or you’ve just got in at 1 am and want to get to bed quickly. A little goes along way with this Simple facial wash. Massage a small amount on to wet skin and it will quickly lather into a foamy face wash, removing all of your make up (I haven’t tried it with water proof mascara yet) and leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean. As we all know with Simple products, they are very gentle and fragrance free so should be ok for most people (and it’s cheap!) .


IMG_2027 (2).JPG

Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair is one of my all time favourite serums. Its lightweight formula is easy to apply and it sinks into your skin quickly. I find this product works best when used regularly so it’s great that I have it in a convenient 15ml travel size bottle that I can take away with me. The only slight problem I have with this product is the dropper style pipette! A lot of brands use this design now, probably because it makes it look more clinical and hence it must be a better product (?). I was surprised that they still use the pipette even in their tiny 15ml and 7ml bottles – it just doesn’t really work (but it does look cute).


IMG_2026 (2).JPG

This little gem was in my Space N.K. beauty box last year. I’ve had a few hit and miss experiences with Ren products (don’t get me started on their Flash rinse 1 minute facial) so it was a pleasant surprise that I liked it so much. It’s got quite a strong herby smell, enough to bring tears to some people’s eyes I would imagine so try it out before you buy. It has a lovely thick consistency which leaves your skin feeling moisturised and protected from the daily elements. You may not know that Marks and Spencer stock Ren products so it should be relatively easy to find on your local high street.

Travelling for short periods is also a really great opportunity to use those sample sachets that I’m sure we all have lying around at home. I’ve discovered some great products this way. Another travel tip of mine is to hold on to any small bottles or pots that you get and decant your favourite products into them so you can still take them away with you even if they don’t do them in travel sizes. I find these containers are better quality and more reliable than the cheap travel bottles you can pick up from your local drug store.

Let me know which products you like to take away with you and if you have any travel tips you can share with us!

Sophie x


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