My top 5 lip balm squad

I’m jealous of the girls that only suffer from dry, chapped lips in the winter, mine like to stay with me the whole year round! The only plus side of this is that I have been through A LOT of lip balms, so when I find a good one, it normally means it’s pretty damn good as I am  tough customer to impress in this area! I must confess my constant dry lips are most likely due to the dehydrated state I am in most of the time thanks to my job as a junior doctor (we make the worst patients). A good lip balm can only come second to a glass of water so make sure you stay hydrated (hypocrite guilty as charged).

Lip products in general are my weakness and as I normally run on the crispy side, I like them to be really moisturising. My tip would be to always apply them before you go to bed for 8 hours (hopeful) of uninterrupted sink-in time *bliss*. One thing that I look for in a lip balm is staying power. Having to reapply a product every time you have a cup of tea or lick your lips is massively annoying (L’Occitane I’m looking at you). With that in mind, here are my top 5 lip balms! Not in any particular order, that would be like asking me to choose my favourite child!

1.Molton Brown protecting vitamin lipsaver

IMG_2024 (2).JPG

If one thing Molton Brown lip balm has taught me, it is always say yes to the turn down service in a hotel! I returned (ok stumbled in drunk) to find  this little dream of a lip balm placed on my pillow with a weather report for the following day. It was going to be windy and they didn’t want us getting chapped lips. First of all, how cute is that!? And second, it’s amazing! That was about 5 years ago and I still have about 3 tubes of it scattered amongst various handbags. The product comes in a tube and is a clear, waxy balm, simple. No pigment or scent, just a very practical lip balm that will protect your lips from the elements whilst helping to soften and condition them. Very moisturising and long-lasting and not tacky at all! It’s also very reasonable at £12 but I picked mine up at Cheshire Oaks outlet store for a little cheaper 😉 . I think they’ve jazzed up the packaging since I last bought mine so my picture of the product may be a little out of date.

2. Baume de rose, By Terry

IMG_2015 (2).JPG

I was obviously a very good girl the year this turned up in my Christmas stocking. This is an incredible product, not quite a lip stick but more than just a lip balm. As the name suggests, it has a gorgeous rose scent that hits your nose the moment you unscrew the lid of the frosted glass pot.This is a cult beauty product that is worth the hype.

My photo is of Baume de rose nutri couleur – so popular was the original Baume de rose that By Terry brought out pigmented versions that range from dewy nudes to dark berries in colour.I must confess that my favourite is still the original which left a very subtle pinky-nude sheen across your lips. I often have dry cracked lips and I found that after regularly applying this product, they would recover a lot quicker and look somewhat more socially acceptable. The product’s ‘Hydroskin’ complex is made up of rose wax, botanical oils and shea butter which work together to help heal and comfort lips. The balm glides on easily and has the benefit of not only comforting your lips but makes them look good too. The nutri couleur range are pigmented enough to allow you to substitute them for a lipstick. This product isn’t cheap at £35-39 but it will last you a while and it really does work. One of my faves.

3. Kiss Mix, Eve Lom

IMG_2021 (2).JPG

Another little pot of gold. Kiss Mix is a versatile product that can either be used on its own or over the top of lipsticks to add a shiny finish. The product contains Zinc Oxide which is described as a natural sunscreen which encourages healing. What I love about this product is the tingly feeling from the Menthol and it’s beautiful glossy finish. I often just wear this on its own if going for a natural look. It’s small size makes it convenient to take almost anywhere. Make sure to keep it in a cool place though as it does have a tendency to melt pretty quickly above room temperature. At £16 it’s not crazily expensive.My tip would be to keep an eye out in the Space N.K January sales – they always bring out a Christmas special which they reduce by 50% so you might be lucky enough to pick it up for £8!

4. The Lip Balm, Creme de la mer

IMG_2018 (2).JPG

At £45 this is the most expensive out of my top 5 lip balms and is no doubt a luxury item. You don’t need to spend this much to get a good quality lip balm but if you’re looking for a treat, this would be it. When I bought this product I was getting desperate. My lips looked awful and I just couldn’t seem to get on top of their scaliness. I never thought I would spend this much on a lip balm but after reading lots of glowing reviews I knew I had to try it.

It wasn’t an instant fix but after regularly applying the balm over a couple of days, I could see the skin was beginning to heal and my lips actually looked healthy for once! I didn’t feel embarrassed by them and I could wear lipsticks without them shrivelling up and flaking out on me. This is my  go-to lip balm for when my lips are at their worst and I have a special occasion coming up.

The product itself has a sweet minty flavour to it and glides on to leave a clear, matte finish. Non-tacky so you don’t need to worry about hair sticking to your face in windy conditions! It’s secret? That would be Creme de la Mer’s Miracle Broth.

5.Reve de Miel, Nuxe

IMG_2017 (2).JPG

This lip balm is my latest purchase and all I can say is that I wish I had discovered it sooner! This is a great product. It’s creamy rich texture has a heaviness to it which means it stays on your lips for a long time and feels really comforting. It has a natural looking matte finish which also works well as a base for other lip products. If I apply it at night-time, I awake in the morning with lovely soft, moisturised lips.  At £9.50 it is the cheapest of my top 5 lip balms but by no means the least. I’m currently carrying this one round with me at work, its longevity makes it perfect for those who haven’t got time to keep applying lip balm!

So there we go, my top 5 Lip balms. I wasn’t anticipating to write so much but I obviously have a lot to say about them all! Let me know if any of you have tried them or if you have any other recommendations!

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Sophie x



5 Replies to “My top 5 lip balm squad”

  1. After having 2 horrendous weeks of sore lips at work I decided to try one of Sophie’s top 5. After failing to find a molton brown shop on a recent trip to London I opted for the Reve de Miel from NK space online. Whilst checking out I also got to chose 3 free samples (now put away into my travel box). Love the lip balm. Sorted out my dry lips in a matter of hours. I love that it stays on pretty much till lunch time, and then again till the end of the day.
    Thanks Sophie

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