A* for BB cream

When it comes to BB cream, CC cream, or any other letter-combo cream I’m normally very sceptical and can’t help but think it’s nothing but BS cream. However when I was shopping for sun cream for my holiday, I found myself adding this little bottle of Soltan BB Face to my basket.

I liked the fact that it had a subtle tint to it and provided a very respectable spf 50 and at £6 a bottle (not including the buy 1 get 2nd half price promotion) it was a flutter I was willing to take. I opted for the light/medium shade, which apparently appears to be the only shade this product comes in, so not great for a lot of people!

As described on Boots’ website, the cream “illuminates and evens skin tone” and “helps to prevent the formation of dark spots”. The formula is non-greasy and non-pore blocking. So how did it fair?


So as you can see in the photo this product is actually pretty pigmented and provided a level of coverage you would expect from a tinted moisturiser or foundation. Great if your skin tone happens to fall within Soltan’s ‘light-medium’ range but if not, this product is not going to look right on you. Luckily for me, the colour was spot on and it blended in very well into my skin (you can’t even see the third swatch on my hand where I’ve rubbed the cream in fully!) .

Compared to normal sun cream and other face creams, Soltan BB Face had a thicker consistency which didn’t seem to melt in temperatures of 30 degrees plus! Not once did I experience the agony that is sun cream-in-eyes disaster. As promised, I would agree that the formula is non-greasy and did not seem to cause a skin breakout as I have experienced with other (far more expensive) face sun creams.

IMG_1913 (2).JPG

It did indeed illuminate and even out my skin tone, as I think the picture above shows (I’m wearing no other products in this photo). In fact, I was so impressed with how it made my skin look that I’ve worn it since being back in the UK!

Finally and I guess most importantly, the product worked! After 2 weeks away I can honestly say I did not burn on my face once! This is unusual for me, as normally, despite my best efforts, my nose always gets burnt, so I was very happy.

Overall, for me, I loved this product and would have to give it an A* and will continue to use it as a reliable sun protection with the added benefit of a beautiful glow! Let’s hope they bring it out in more shades so more of us can appreciate it!

Sophie x


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